Tuesday 4 December 2012

Gnossem: Photoshoot Promoting Asian and independent labels

One of the weirdest things about blogging is this notion that people want to know what you're wearing, what you like and even more strangely they want to see it too.

I've always found it endlessly amusing that people would be interested in taking photos of me but I will rarely turn down such an opportunity if it will help publicise some great Asian labels.

This is precisely the reason I was delighted to accept Singapore e-commerce website Gnossem's invitation for a styled dress-up session. I love the site anyway (being one of the few e-commerce sites which almost exclusively stocks emerging independent labels from Asia and around the world) so the chance to be glammed up and helping some labels along the way was too good to turn down.

H Fredriksson long Stina Dress
I love this photo of me in an H Fredriksson Long Stina Dress

I was also amazed at the shoot - at the awesome Maison Ikkuku in Kampong Glam - because they made me look something approaching pretty (photos by the lovely Jade Maravillas). I need to get the make-up guys to come round on a regular basis. haha!

Anyway, onto the very important bit. The lookbook, and the labels. Each label also has a link on how you can buy if you are so minded.

Look 1: SOUP dress and TAARA bangles

I love this Swish a Glow dress from Indian designer SOUP. The label apparently takes its name from a combination of Sougat Paul's first and last names. I just love the colours - anyone who reads my blog won't be surpised at that - and the beautifully patterning and lightweight material which is perfect for the Singapore climate. I'm so into Indian style bangles at the moment (in case you're not aware they're one of the biggest trends right now!) so these TAARA bangles were perfect to add that little ethnic touch to the modern dress. Bangles can be found here http://www.gnossem.com/women-s/black-pinwheel-bangle.html

Gorgeous SOUP dress costs S$320 from Gnossem.com

This colour is very, very me isn't it haha :-)

Look 2: Toton top and collar and 20:TWOTHREE

Knowing that Gnossem sells my favourite emerging Asian designer in the world, I was hardly going to pass up the opportunity to be wearing this am I? It was something of a reunion with the Toton neck collar as I have been missing it dearly from my wardrobe since I gave my one (which was the first one made) to supermodel Andrej Pejic. The problem was I had to give it back!!! The top is a typically gorgeous Toton creation - in this case the Toton Rugby Blouse and the synthetic leather Loft Brown shorts are from Singapore label and Parco next NEXT favourites 20:TWOTHREE. I'l loving the chiffon and leather combination in this one!

Gold cuff neck collar by Toton
Don't you love this gold cuff collar from the insanely talented Toton?

Indonesia's Toton and Singapore's 20:TWOTHREE
Toton, Toton and 20:TWOTHREE - an Asian sensation combination

Look 3: JUMA dress and Taara jewellery

I've never thought of myself as elegant - something to do with the wild hair - but for once I look every inch the lady in this awesome photo at Maison Ikkuku. I could have stayed there all day pretending to order a cocktail and looking ladylike haha! Helping the look along is the Preen like a Peacock dress from Juma (a label I first spotted and wrote about at Blueprint who despite being based in NYC are heavy on the Asian influences). The look is topped off with feather earrings from India's Taara and the wonderfully named Ring for an Oppulent Dame.

Preen like a peacock dress by JUMA
Anyone want to buy me a drink? This JUMA dress - inspired by Thailand
apparently - is sensational

Jewellery by Taara
The Taara jewellery tops off the outfit perfectly

Look 4: H Fredriksson:

This beautiful Stina long dress by H Frediksson has nothing to do with Asia but it was so gorgeous I had to give it a whirl. A beautiful, luxurious silk number with exquisite patterning. Sigh... time to rob a bank.

H Fredriksson dress
A dress to die for, and my curls looking good for once!

A bonus photo from the shoot to see more of the dress ;-)

Of course. You can find everything I wore here at Gnossem. Click here to be taken to my special photoshoot page. I'm doing another shoot with them in the New Year too. Lets see if I can top that! Meanwhile, let me know what your favourite look was :-)