Friday 9 November 2012

Crawford & Sons: On trend tailored menswear in Singapore

Crawford and Sons is a welcome new addition to the menswear scene in Singapore.

I don’t think they are anything to do with Grammy Award nominated Brit folk rockers Mumford and Sons but you never know.

What I do know is that they are filling a much needed gap in the market, namely for well tailored and well made workaday menswear that is bang on trend. 

So imagine you can find a company rocking the trend for that soft palated, sharp yet unstructured mod-lite look. 
Imagine James Dean rebel cool mixed with the tailoring of the scooter wearing set and you're on the right path.

Imagine you also find an answer to one of the biggest problems with menswear in Singapore - that when it comes to locally sourced shirts you tend to find it caters for the CBD banker market or the left-field cropped pant clad hipster crowd.

Crawford and Sons shirt
Great colour, great fabric and great fit. Is this really a Singapore work shirt?

Crawford and Sons shirt in blue
Crawford and Sons have nailed that denim colour and the mods vs rockers influenced collar
Traditionally it left people who want to buy alternative work shirts out in the cold and meant they had to cough up for custom tailored outfits if they wanted decent fabrics.

Crawford & Sons -  the brainchild of Clinton and Nicole, the duo behind tailored womenswear label Amen - drops perfectly into that niche and fills it with aplomb. Great fabrics, great colour choices and above all – up to the minute narrow collars and snug fits that Singaporeans love so much.

They get bonus points for treading just the right side of the hipster colour palate so that people can wear it for work and play. Couple that with hip knitted ties, quirky pocket squares and a range of bold (but not for work) trousers and you're onto a winner. 

Crawford and Sons, singapore menswear
Good selection of colours and styles

Shirts from Singapore's Crawford and Sons
Crawford and Sons selection is beyond the normal button down Oxford

It is details that often set a menswear maker apart. And it is these touches like single stitched shirts and unstructured collars that work a charm. They’ve even remembered that every good label should have a signature.

For the likes of J-A-S-O-N- it’s the harem pant, for Crawford and Son it’s the stitched hanging loop on the back of the shirt and the horizontal final button hole stitched in a different colour than the rest.

Crawford and Sons also has a range of pocket squares, man bracelets and ties that both complement and miss-match in equal measure – ensuring both the soft but sharp suited or geek chic effect can played up to the maximum.

Signature hanging loop on a Crawford and Sons shirt
Visible hanging loop is a quirky signature touch

Signature button hole from Crawford and Sons
The horizontal final button is another nice touch by Crawford and Sons

Tartan cropped pants from Crawford and Sons
They do trousers too but I'm not sure they'll be loved at the office, more for the weekend kinda guy

Crawford and Sons striped shirts
Diagonal stripes, gingham, bold colours

Honestly, if you went for a shopping spree, hopped onto a scooter and drove around Singapore right now you'd be walking straight out of Quadrophenia. 

So far so good right? There is no doubt this is a label that has a lot to offer and it is certainly different enough to make an impact in the workwear market. But by far their biggest obstacle will come through their sales medium.

Crawford and Sons will only be sold online which could be a hard sell in Singapore, especially as their shirts are designed to be fitted. Nicole and Clinton Are convinced they can overcome this with some good education.

bracelets from Singapore menswear label Crawford and Sons
Men's bracelets to add that India-lite boho touch to your work look

Crawford and Sons pocket squares
Pocket squares to match your choice in tartan trouser. Rod Stewart would love it!

knitted ties from Crawford and Sons
Knitted ties are bang on trend right now, well done my (Crawford and) Son.

knitted tie detail from Crawford and Sons

All I can say is that the colours and designs are kick-ass, the material and stitching is great (And it is all made in Singapore) and at S$149 for a shirt, the price point is just about on the acceptable side for a quality shirt. You will definitely get comments on the shirt as you stand out from the white Oxford shirt brigade in the office.

I even got my picky hubby to try on one of the shirt to test the fit. The result was great with well-fitted slim cut, perfect tailoring and comfortable material. Something you often don’t find outside high-end designer labels.

You can find out more about Crawford and Sons by visiting their online store and facebook page.

At this stage all products are ready-made but in the future, they have plans for customization.

Horizontal striped shirt from Singapore's Crawford and Sons
Who would wear this to the office? I actually know quite a few people who would