Friday 27 July 2012

Cheap and chic: Thrift shopping for a cause at New2U

One of the things I’ve always loved and enjoyed is bargain hunting in thrift shops. And it just happens that I am quite good at it!

I think it’s something I took from my mother who always managed to score amazing finds on great discounts. No wonder that she has passed on me a great deal of her stunning vintage clothes.

Good thrift is not easy to find though and while ‘vintage’ tends to be more appealing - better quality and design - sometimes nothing beats the thrill of a great thrift find!

A lot of thrift is unfashionable cast offs and discarded clothes (think about it, why would they throw away something good?), but look deeper you’ll be surprised on how many amazing items you can score if you have the eye – and the time – for it.

Luckily I found an incredible place for second hand rummaging, right here in Singapore.

How much do you reckon this adorable polka dot jumpsuit cost me?
Read on to find out...

Some designer bargains at New2U thrift shop!!

New2U, is about as hidden away as a shopping heaven can be. Located in Bugis area, it’s part of the Singapore Council of Women’s Organizations (SCWO).This is guilt-free shopping at its best as the shop is run by volunteers and all profit goes to the charity which has a women’s shelter and helps victims of domestic violence and gives them free legal aid.

While the racks are crammed and some of the items are less than desirable, this place happens to also have some designer items in great condition and for unbelievable prices. Just look for the ‘Designer Section’ in the store.

I’m talking S$35 for a Chloe silk blouse and S$20 for a Marc by Marc Jacobs top! Can you believe it?

This vintage maxi dress was priced at S$4 only! Too bad it didn't fit me :-(

Marc by Marc Jacobs anyone?

This rack at the corner of the store is where treasures to be found! Look for
the sign above. There are usually around 10 designer items at a time, not more.

In the two times I’ve been there, I managed to get 6 items in total for S$60, including that gorgeous Chloe blouse. But apart from this prized find, some of the items I bought were as low as S$1 and S$3!

The trick really is patience. You are not going to be able to come out with that staggering find if you go in with a High Street attitude. Nothing is neatly sized, sorted or stacked. Allocate a good hour just for rooting around and be prepared to occasionally come up with nothing.

These are thrift rules to live by. Especially the last one. If you’ve managed to pick up a S$500 blouse for S$35 then you have no right to expect to find something of that standard every time right?

The store's sign in case you miss it!


How cute are these 2 colourful printed skirts?

Nice to see some of my bangles on sale :-) I wonder if anyone
bought them yet ;-)

So for those of you who think it’s junk. Have a look at these photos in which I’ve styled up my thrift finds to prove that they can be current, expensive looking and trendy!

NEW2U is located at 96 Waterloo street, part of the SCWO enclosure. They are open from Monday to Friday between 10.30am and 2.30pm. They also accept clothes donations as long as they are in good condition. Like their facebook page here

Look 1: Thrift pink wrap top
Yes you read it right! I didn't miss a zero in there. This lovely top was originally priced at S$3 but it just happened that I was there on one of their half price discount days. The price is always rounded hence I got it for S$1 instead of S$1.5 :-). I wear it for work meetings and lunches, teamed with my colourful Topshop skirt and favourite pair of Manolos. Add an eel skin clutch to the combo and who would have guessed that my blouse cost less than a can of Coke!

Look 2: Linen skirt
S$2 and Bally men's-inspired shoes S$10
All the items in this look are thrift except for the top. Skirt was on sale again (yay lucky me!) so down from S$4 to S$2, and those hardly worn Bally shoes are an absolute bargain, complete with extra laces and a dustbag for each shoe! Bag is also thrifted for S$20 from another shop (will blog about it soon). So the whole look cost me less than S$50! What do you think?

Look 3: Vintage shorts
These shorts with a golden side button are awesome and fit me like a glove! All I needed to do was team them with something  bang on trend like the neon pink blouse and accentuate the colour blocking effect with a pair of Reiss electric blue suede wedges and a shiny necklace from H&M! A python skin clutch adds that last touch to what has become one of my favourite outfits at the moment!

Look 4: Polka dot jumpsuit
Just what I needed, an easy piece for everyday which can be accessorizes in so many ways. Wold you have guessed that this jumpsuit cost me a mere S$9?? I team it here with a red leather belt, my Carvela multi-coloured  platforms, and a denim jacket - in addiion to oher combinations depending where I'm wearing it to. Love it!

Look 5: Chloe silk blouse
For S$35, you normally wouldn't get a Zara silk blouse, even on the sale! This was my luckiest find at New2U and I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the price tag!!! The colour is one of my favourites and although it's a tad too big, I'm planning to get it altered to fit me perfectly. To keep the luxury theme going, I wear it with my Marni for H&M silk skirt and earrings, and accessorize it with my bright yellow gladiators and clutch. A match made in heaven!