Sunday, 24 June 2012

Bonjour Beirut: Mira Hayek's year round summer fun

One of the best things about living in Singapore (although I’m sure plenty will disagree) is the fact that it’s pretty much summer all year round.

And that means one thing. Summery clothes 365 days a year too!

I’m talking vibrant colours, colour blocking galore and generally embracing that wonderful mood you have when the sun is shining and life is good.

Mira Hayek Lotus dress
Mira Hayek's dresses are anything but dull

Yes I also love layering and winter clothes, but I do get to do that whenever I travel to London or back home to Lebanon in the winter.

As my Londoner husband says, anyone who complains about the weather here has obviously never experienced the joy of months of grey skies, and freezing horizontal rain.

So summer fun wins every time for me. Which is lucky because when I was back home in Beirut at the start of the summer  I came across a label that spoke to me perfectly.

Mira Hayek is all about fun, fun, fun. Easy to wear, loud but elegant, light and on trend with colour blocking and quirky silhouettes everywhere.

How can you not smile when wearing something like this?
A graphic designer turned fashion goddess (via an internship with Elie Saab and Erdem!) she draws her inspirations from diverse sources including electronic music, the 80s and animation.

I found her stuff at the painfully hip STARCH boutique cum incubator project in Beirut where I was attracted to the cut and colours like a moth to a candle. She has been there for a year after being selected to design her first two ready-to-wear collections under her own label “mirahayek”.

Apparently this collection is inspired The Darjeeling Limited, not in the literal sense (there aren’t Indian costumes liberally sprinkled) but the concept of a journey with a close circle of young women, be it sisters or best friends.

In other words - time to relax, let loose and celebrate just being together.

I’m not sure about that but I’m just in love with the geometric cuts, the playful looks and the wearability of the collection – which believe me in Lebanon is quite rare.

Mira Hayek’s website is under construction right now, but if you like what you see then drop me a line or leave a comment underneath all the photos. It’s another Lebanese label I’m keen to bring to Singapore. Even if it is piece by piece!

Mira Hayek at the starch boutique in beirut
Mira Mira on the wall, who is the brightest of them all?

Mira Hayek net dress
The Net dress is playful and risque at the same time

Mira Hayek net dress
The front detail of the net dress

Colour blocking is everywhere you look with Mira Hayek

Un Elephant dress from Mira Hayek
The wonderfully named Un Elephant dress

Of course, even the accessories are loaded with colour