Sunday 27 May 2012

My Week as a Street Style Star

The past week has been a big ‘style’ week for me.

While I’m not big on ‘outfit of the day’ style posts on my blog, I was more than happy and extremely flattered to pose for street style photographers and bloggers (including Tokyo’s Rei Shito!), who captured my outfits at some of the Audi Fashion Festival shows (go to my media page to check them out).

the week was made even better by the fact that the post in her blog Style From Tokyo was ranked in the top 10 outfits of the day across the world by sartorial aggregation site Street Style News

But aside from these moment-in-time kind of photos, there was one style blog ( which wanted a little more; a-few-hours-long street style candid shoot, showcasing my personal style around my neighborhood, plus a little fun Q&A.

The shoot included a non-avoidable close up... do I look angry here?

The Singapore-based Lil Red Dot Folks, which is run by talented photographer Franz Martin and his friend Vincent, who paid me a visit last month and scouted for locations around while I changed into few of my favourite everyday casual outfits. The feature was published today in good timing to end this street style-heavy week!

Needless to say, the shoot was so much fun especially that the guys are super friendly and funny which put me at ease in front of the lens.

I hope you enjoy reading the Q&A and checking those photos in full here. Also make sure to check some very stylish people which Franz has featured before.

And just in case you’re curious, here’s a summary of what I was wearing in each look and some behind the scenes spontaneous shots, taken by Vincent.

LOOK1: I have recently bought these pixel print leggings from new local designer KAE HANA and I can’t get enough of them! I wear them everywhere. Teaming them here with an old pink Zara t-shirt, Zara shoes and collar beaded necklace I snapped up from a stall at Bugis Village.

LOOK2: Niven Road (where this shot is taken) is very picturesque and colourful so for this shot I decided to go with a red dress from Nostalgia Queen Vintage - which is based just a stone’s throw away from the shoot location and had been previously featured on my blog here. I teamed it with my Vivienne Westwood for Melissa shoes, and topped the whole look off with a faded Topshop denim jacket to make it a little less ‘girly’.

LOOK3: My most casual look ever consists of a pair of faded and ripped jeans, a plain black tank top and two of my favourite accessories: a traditional Arab Kaffeyya bought from the streets of Amman (so Arab of me ;-)). The beautiful necklace was made and gifted to me by my talented Singaporean friend Aaron who produced them for Blueprint Wear Emerging Designers event. I’m encouraging him to start his own label, so if you’re reading this Aaron you’ve already got your first bit of PR! This photo is also one of the rare occasions you’ll find me not wearing heels. These Converse were special Chinese New Year edition bought in Hong Kong a few years ago.

LOOK4: this is one of my most treasured dresses ever. Not only it is by one of my favourite designers (Paul Smith) but the print is actually by renowned illustrator Alan Aldrige who teamed with Paul Smith for a limited edition collection. I was lucky to grab this piece during one of my trips to London! Shoes are also by one of the coolest shoe designers out there, Nicholas Kirkwood.

LOOK5: Neon is one trend I’ll be wearing a lot of this season and luckily (or sadly) it seems I have already collected a lot of neon pieces from years back, before it became ‘in vogue’. And let’s face it, when you’re wearing neon why try to tone it down? So I teamed my traffic-stopping Forever 21 top with a golden Topshop skirt, as well as a few accessories including a Lebanese coin ring (detailed accessories pic below) and one of my old time favourites, the neon heels pair of shoes from Marc Jacobs. 

And now that you've seen the end result, here's a sneak peek of all the fun behind the scenes!

The view from inside the balcony. Now that you know where I live, please don't stalk me!

Franz snapping away...

Explaining the significance of the Kaffeyye to the guys...

And how it should be worn ;-)

My awesome necklace from Aaron... please make some more!!!

OK back to work...

I just had to do this... Peace everyone!

Going up the stairs in my heels was not fun...

Nor is having my beloved Nicholas Kirkwoods sink in the grass arghhhhh

Pleased with the result :-)

We had to stop traffic to take this photo... well not really but kept running back to the
pavement when cars were coming

My accessories for this look!

Thank you Franz :-)