Thursday, 16 February 2012

Facebook meets Lookbook at the WED campaign launch

It was a very good night for local and emerging fashion labels yesterday at the W.E.D. (Wear Emerging Designers) campaign launch party. This social media campaign is organized by Blueprint to support local designers and encourage people to wear emerging labels, so that was exactly the kind of event I was hoping for and was more than happy to attend and spread the word about.

It was a great night for me too, as I got snapped by probably every photographer at the event and interviewed for various publications (amongst which is a big media tabloid). However apart from my hair, I have to give the credit for all the attention to my Noel Caleb outfit (yes THAT mullet skirt) which I love so much! It was definitely more colourful than most of the outfits at the event and it stood out for its unique look.

Wearing my favourite Noel Caleb outfit teamed with Papparazi clutch
and the not-so-emerging Zara gladiators (sorry)!

The event itself was well put together and organized but I have to say I was a little bit disappointed with the turnout which for such a big scale and interesting event should have had people queuing to get in! I’m not saying it was empty but I felt it was a little too quiet for such a cool night which people should have gone en-force for.

However quality is what’s important and not quantity. I think by now it is well known that the ‘average’ Singapore resident is more interested in what the mushrooming international highstreet chains have to offer rather than what the local young designers are trying to do differently. So maybe the event was for a category of people who are in a way ahead of the game in fashion; more trendsetters than followers.

The most high-profile personality at the event was Tracy Philips, the woman behind Blueprint, who seemed to be very busy and hands on at the event, chatting to everyone and announcing the launch of the campaign at some point.

It was also nice to see some familiar faces amongst the designers from Elaine at ATGAB (yes the woman who discovered my lack of modeling talent!) and Eileen at Noel Caleb, to few of the newest batch of designers at Parco next NEXT (namely the designers behind 20:TWOTHREE, Episene, MILS and the always colourful Nathaneal from MASH UP) whom I only met last week and was pleased to briefly catch up with them again.

Needless to say, everybody in the room looked great and unique and it was refreshing to see that almost everybody wore an emerging designer, not necessarily a local one though. I spotted few guys looking cool in DEPRESSION and others rocking outfits from other Asian designers from Hong Kong and Malaysia.

Sadly the venue at Butter Factory (awesome place by the way!) was too dark for photos in my pathetic camera but if you follow my blog you know by now I’m more about content than pretty pictures ;-)

But again who needs my amateur photography when someone like Thomas Tan (and his cool photography blog) puts me to shame in that area? He took this snap of me and promised to send some more in a day or two so will post my picks very soon after.

The best thing about the night? Well apart from meeting new and interesting like-minded people who care about the same cause which my blog is about, i.e. promoting emerging and local designers, I have to say it was definitely a very friendly environment and I felt right at home among all these passionate and fashionable people. This cemented my belief on how unpretentious the local fashion crowd is in Singapore and how welcoming they really are.

OK and I walked away with an amazing one-off piece transparent statement necklace from Aaron @ Aha Rw Misshapen  who has done few for the event was too nice to give it to me! And although it was definitely not a bribe (but more of a situation where I almost squealed when I saw it so he probably felt I was gonna cry like a baby if he takes it away from me!) I’ll be featuring his work at a later point on my blog so watch this space!

You can find more info about WED’s upcoming events on their Blueprint’s facebook page

PICTURES UPDATE: Check out all the pictures of the event on

So happy I got to keep this awesome necklace! think I won't take it off for
few days now...