Monday 1 July 2013

Stolen: Bringing sexy back to Singapore!

My love for colour is documented all over this blog, but just like any other fashionista, I have bagged myself more than the odd LBD throughout the last decade.

Yet the older I get (yup, only last week I turned 31!) the more I appreciate what a classic well-made understated dress can do. That’s where Singapore label Stolen comes into the picture; creating elegance that has tempted me to part with my hard-earned cash – and won me over as a lifelong fan!

Treading the line between elegant, sexy and edgy – Stolen makes some of the most timeless and well-made clothes I’ve seen on the little red dot. With material like twill, crepe, shantung silk and chiffon – the dresses look and feel luxurious.

It demonstrates that while sexy is not always ‘fashionable, women – especially after a certain age – still like to look feminine but not necessarily boring, predictable or God forbids – tacky! In fact Stolen is as tasteful as it is seductive!

The element of surprise is what sets this label apart: it’s all about the details! What looks plain and ordinary on the hanger comes to life once you try it on. With the signature backless designs – they ooze sophistication and glamour.

Elyn Wong, the woman behind Stolen, is as much as an artist as she is a fashion designer. She creates beauty by combining geometric structures and fluid movement which is simple yet flattering and very wearable. Her main inspiration remains architecture – much like her hero Hussein Chalayan whose talk session in Singapore was where Elyn and I met. Needless to say we bonded over our admiration for his work and persona and even ended up sharing a cab!

But apart from the clothes, Elyn tells me that Stolen has always been about marrying fashion and art and pushing the envelope by creating collaborative projects with various artists. The first project in the series being this artistic video on which she collaborated with local photographer Jovian Lim and paper sculptor Melvin Ong. On a side note, I like the fact that Elyn has used an unconventional model for her campaign – fellow blogger Linda Hao – whose unique beauty and persona complement the clothes to perfection!

Back to the clothes – I cannot hide the fact that I love the simplicity of Stolen pieces which also makes them very versatile; they can easily be worn during the day or for a night out. And as much as they would appeal to a minimalist, they can also be accessorized for those – like me – who like adding their own twist to things.

I’m also very excited that Stolen is one of the participating labels at the 2nd Digital Fashion Week (Nov. 2013) which I’m co-hosting this year as well! So I’m definitely looking forward to interviewing Elyn on Google+ and there are no prizes for guessing  what I’ll be wearing for that ;-)

Stolen is stocked in Singapore at: W Hotel, Two.o.ri (Tiong Bahru), Society Of Black Sheep (MBS The Shoppes), Hide&Seek (Bussorah street) and Blackmarket no.2 (Orchard Central) – and online at Modein Asia and 
More updates available on their facebook page.