Tuesday 25 June 2013

Say Bonjour to… Marie France Asia!

I haven't been updating this space for longer than usual so you must guess by now that I’ve been up to something ;-)

This time, it’s not London, nor Beirut – but right here in Singapore!

To all my supportive readers, let me introduce you to my new project – Marie France Asia!
Well, to be specific it’s not mine only. I’m just the Editor in Chief for this newly launched regional magazine but the name and brand Marie France (not related to the regional beauty centre with the same name) has existed since even before I was born.

In case you are not in tune with the Francophone culture, Marie France is one of the top fashion and lifestyle magazines in France and has recently launched its online regional branch Marie France Asia (based in Singapore), which aims to bring a ‘French flaire’ to South East Asia-based style-savvy audience.

So what to expect? Apart from Fashion (which is no doubt my area of expertise ;-)) the magazine covers Beauty, Health and Travel – with plans to add Food and Design section at a later point.

On a personal level, I feel very honoured to be working with an amazing team of writers from the main Paris office and here in Singapore where we aim to bring you an independent and curated content focusing mainly on tips, trends, and honest expert opinion about various lifestyle topics. With such a global East-meets-West team, we hope to present the best of both worlds. 

Content-wise, my favourite pieces so far have been on the latest summer trends (swimwear, neon, tribal-inspired and pink) and the beauty tutorials (applying false lashes, styling a perfect ponytail and achieving a perfect 20s look) and of course trying and testing some of the best beauty products…

But the section I wholly enjoy the most is with no doubt ‘From Us to You’ where every week we answer a reader’s question regarding fashion dilemmas like how to experiment with colour’, ‘flats or heels’, ‘wearing headbands’ and so much more. So if you too find yourself in need for some expert but friendly fashion advice, just drop us a line!

And while Bonjour Singapore is not going anywhere anytime soon, if you’re keen on following my new journey - through which I share the same passion but on a bigger platform - you can save Marie France Asia address in your browser bookmark where there will be new content everyday!

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So here you go, two platforms better than one no ;-)?

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