Friday, 14 December 2012

7 Fashionable Christmas gift ideas for HIM

We all know what it’s like shopping for the significant man in your life.

Whether it’s the husband, boyfriend, dad, son, nephew or best friend, no-one wants to descend into the Christmas cliché of socks, ties and aftershaves.

It’s always hard finding the right present for each person but finding a fashionable one is even harder.

Never fear, because auntie Bonjour is here to give you a handy guide to being the most awesome gift giver this festive season.

Luckily I’ve done the work for you and shortlisted my top Christmas gift ideas for HIM. Almost all of them are by Singaporean designers and there is something for every budget.

So whether your budget is S$30 or S$300, you’ll find something that will hit the spot. Thank me later ;-)

These LookMyBaboush Arabian-inspired unisex shoes is one my
picks for this Christmas' gifts.


Singaporean guys love their graphic t-shirts so you won’t go wrong with one from Moo Tees, a locally-based new start up website selling printed t-shirts, all designed by young talented graphic designers from around the country and Asia.

The t-shirts are made from scratch with attention to cut, material and of course unique design and is produced in limited numbers (5o pcs per design). The themes vary from twisted fairytales to more abstract designs like the ‘enigma’ collection so there’s something for everyone here..

The great news is, at S$29.99, this gift won’t break to bank and will likely appeal to any cool young guy in town.

Available at


If you’re looking at something really fun for someone extra  cool and hard to please, these OTT necklace chains from the awesome Singaporean streetwear label MASH UP will do! Strictly for teenagers or extremely hip kids, these Mash UP neon accessories will flatter any guy you buy them for – the fact that you thought they can pull it off will make them feel like a rap star in an instant! I want one!!!

Available for S$39.90 at Parco next NEXT (9 Raffles Boulevard, Millenia Walk) and MASH UP online store.

3- LookMyBabouch SHOES:

Just like t-shirts and shorts, Singaporean guys - and girls - love their comfy canvas shoes but they often stick to the usual brands and styles which are anything but inspiring. Luckily a new Hong Kong-based label is doing something about it and fusing comfort, style and a little Arabian twist (The man behind it is a Tunisian/French), which makes even a high heel dedicated person like me a fan!

LookMyBabouch takes the concept of traditional Arabian leather slippers – something I’ve grown up with – and modernizes it into a canvas snickers with catchy colours and subtle yet significant details, all hidden on the inside.

These cool shoes will definitely make an impression on any shoe-loving guy and are unisex so you can even get ‘His and Hers’.

LookMyBabouch is available exclusively at Threadbare & Squirrel (660 North Bridge Road- Bali Lane) and costs S$69.


If the MASH UP necklace is too much for your guy, there are other men’s accessories which will appeal to more discrete guys who like their accessories in small doses, ex. Bracelets.
AKA Wayward is a Singaporean label which started at Parco next NEXT and is known for their quirky menswear. Their latest edition of a collection of handcrafted bracelets, STACK by A.K.A Wayward, are truly unique and quirky.

Only one hundred bracelets are made for this limited edition series, each is numbered and individually packaged that you don’t even need a wrapping paper. 

The bracelets (S$69) come in ladies and gents designs and are available at several stockists around Singapore including Threadbare & Squirrel, Actually... (29A Seah street), WANDERWONDER (65A Haji Lane), CUMULUS (501 Orchard Road, #02-14, Wheelock Place.

5- ATGAB - PRIVATE ROOM - Bowties:

One of my favourite Singaporean labels – All Things Green and Beautiful – has finally launched their men’s accessories collection (Private Room) a few months ago!

Their recycled leather bowties are probably the most stylish around and would make a perfect gift for any fashion-forward man who loves classic with a twist.

Last year I got my hubby a custom-made bowtie necklace from ATGAB for his birthday which he absolutely loved!

ATGAB’s Private Room bowties (S$109-S$119) are available at their online shop.

6- Wallet or bag from FOON FOONO:

You can’t go wrong with a wallet – or even a versatile ‘man bag’ which is classic, well-made and stylish.

The trick is to tread the fine line between style, quality and unnecessary showing off. So that means nothing with monogrammed leather or red and green stripes EVER. That’s why Foon Foono slots in perfectly .The Parco next NEXT label is helmed by Singapore artist turned designer Foon and makes some of the best quality, understated and classic leather bags (S$429) and wallets (S$99-S$135) with a slight twist to set them apart from the crowd. A plain brown snoozefest this isn’t. You’ll be happy to cart your money around in one of these bad boys as you head to the January sales.

Foon Foono's flagship store is at Parco next NEXT and their newest edition of candy spiky zip wallets (S$135) are available at HURS (Cineleisure #02-04a, Orchard Road) and The Emporium (B1-04 Wheelock Place, Orchard Rd) and online at ASIA FASHION INC.

7- EdyPoi  watches:

Singaporean males have something of an obsession with wrist candy, but most of the stylish watches you see out and about have Swiss on the underside and tend to cost at least two month’s salary. So what if I said I could point you in the direction of a watch brand that pressed the right buttons in the style stakes and was also put together by a fellow Singaporean? Say hello to Edy Poi who has recently  started his watch label. 

Too many little details go into making each of these so for those who know their watches, check all the technical information here – but as far as I’m concerned they all look great especially this silver (brushed cased) watch (S$620) from his ANOMALY collection which is delicate and classy.

EdyPoi timepieces are stocked at his online shop and at The Society of Balck Sheep (B1-64, The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands) and SWAGGER (15 Ann Siang Road).