Friday 14 September 2012

Lewre: Shoes fit for a Princess (or the Duchess of Cambridge)

In my last post, while admiring Kate’s choices of clothes in the Royals’ Singapore visit, I couldn’t help but notice her uninspiring choice of footwear.

From the LK Bennet nude pumps which are too plain and dated (she even wore them to meet Jimmy Choo himself!!) to her navy blue wedges… I mean wedges, come on Kate???

The good news is that someone else - the Malaysian royals - has also noticed, and decided to do something about it. For amongst the lavish gifts exchanged on landing in Kuala Lumpur was a pair of custom-made Lewre shoes.

I've expressed my love for Malaysia's best fashion export - shoes - on this blog before. And after seeing kate's gift – an exquisite and delicate pair of black lace peep toe heels– I could not be more convinced.

These beautiful shoes from Malaysian label Lewre were a gift to Kate Middleton
The gorgeous Lewre pair of heels and clutch which the Duchess of Cambridge got as a
present from the Malaysian Royals!

The shoes were a Lewre creation, a Malaysian label founded by Lew Fong Voon who may not be a household name like Jimmy Choo, but is highly coveted by shoe afficianados. His impressive roll call includes collaborations with with the likes of Jasper Conran, over 90 stores worldwide and a testimonial from Choo himself.

Lawre’s shoes are glamorous and elegant, something to match a ball gown or a cocktail dress. The specific pair which Kate was given looks absolutely gorgeous and kinda matched her style, of clothes that is. I personally wouldn’t be happier with a better gift!

So let’s just hope that The Duchess would finally ditch her nude pumps and like Cinderella, slips into something more inspiring and exquisite. The only question is, will the shoes fit? It would be a shame if not!!

I love you Kate but you can't wear these to meet Jimmy Choo... I bet the new pair
will look much better next time ;-)
Gorgeous foot candy from Malaysian shoe designer Lewre
More beautiful shoes from Lewre...

Gorgeous foot candy from Malaysian shoe designer Lewre