Thursday 27 September 2012

MYthology: THE hot new player on the Singapore fashion scene

When I first moved to Singapore, one of my dreams was to open a boutique in a cool shophouse, somewhere trendy and chic where people can shop unique for pieces and also get to discover some designers they never knew before.

I’m not that good at business so I stuck to day-dreaming and blogging about all the amazing finds I chance upon. Thankfully though, someone with the same passion but better business sense also had the same vision.

Step forward Apsara Oswal, the founder of the newly-opened Club Street boutique MYthology.

Apart from an instantly recognizable mop of curly hair, it seems we both have a lot in common. Both of us are passionate about promoting Asian talent, we’re both stylists, we both veer away from the monochrome Singapore look and we both want to play our part in jazzing up the dress sense of the little red dot.

To get to know MYthology better, you have to learn a bit about Apsara as the boutique is a mere reflection of her love for everything unique and chic.

MYthology boutique in Club St, Singapore
MYthology is setting the bar high in terms of stunning decor and equally beautiful fashion!

The gorgeous Apsara Oswal, MYthology's founder, whose vision has finally
come to life today.

One of the great things about the store is that Apsara is never too shy to experiment with fashion especially when it comes to new labels from around Asia and this is evident when you step into the super stylish Club Street surroundings.

The PR blurb says the concept is about the spiritual journey which clothes can sometimes make us go through and feel. It comes from the belief that every garment has a story to tell and that fashion is about the spiritual transformation of the wearer rather than a fad-driven way to show off.

As wishy washy as it sounds, I really believe in this philosophy. Clothes can inspire you on a daily level and on a deeper level. Whether it is helping with self confidence or creating a better impression of yourself to others, the clothes really do maketh the woman.

Jewellery display at MYthology in Singapore

The gorgeous lighting sets MYthology apart

Innovative hanging space at MYthology boutique
What I've been longing to see in Singapore: bright colours everywhere!

MYthology boutique Singapore

I digress, so back to MYthology. The thing I love about the boutique – which somehow manages to tread the fine line between being architecturally stunning yet completely unintimidating – is the eclectic quality it exudes. Stylistically it embraces lots of different looks yet retains the important basics like great quality and material, originality, affordability and last of all – elegance.

The boutique stocks established and emerging designers from India (am:pm, 11.11, Pooja Kappor, Nikasha, Rahul Mishra and more), Singapore (Dresstronomy, HASINA, NAO) and Indonesia (of course TOTON!) and is planning to add on some more South-East Asian designers to the list sometime soon.

Yesterday was the launch of Mythology and knowing that I’ll be busy during the event, I popped by the day before to take a sneak peek of the gorgeously-designed shop and stunning clothes. Here I picked up my favourite five pieces – or more appropriately, the ones that reflected my character best. Hope you enjoy!

Look1:  Dev r' Nil
Being the magpie that I am, the first thing to catch my eyes was a gorgeous sparkly dress by Kolkata-based label Dev r' Nil. Something about this dress makes it the perfect combination of elegant, dressed up yet despite the sparkles - quite understated. The beauty lies in the workmanship which is beading in the shape of rosettes covering the whole dress. The beautiful silk also felt heavenly! Dream dress for sure!!!

Dev r' Nil dress at MYthology, Singapore

Look2: Hasina
I was very happy to see that one of the labels which I fell in love with during Blueprint, HASINA, was stocked at MYthology. The effortless and chic pieces - from which I've picked a combo of silk shorts, camisole and jacket - make HASINA the most stylish resort wear I've seen around. The fit was perfect and those perfect shades of purple and orange...don't get me started all over gain!

Singapore label Hasina at MYthology

Hasina is stocked in MYthology, Club Street

Look3: Arpan Vohra
I initially picked a longer and slightly different full length version of this dress from Delhi-based Arpan Vohra only to find it a bit too long and settle for the short one instead. I have to say though, they are both equally gorgeous and although toned down with its monochrome palette, the work on texture and fit in these dresses in sublime. I was lucky to meet the designer Arpan at the launch yesterday and he explained to me the creative process behind his work (it involves scrapping a lot of nearly-done work before reaching one in which he's happy with). This dress can take you from day to night and the open back detail (you can't see it in the picture) gives it an extra edge. This is one label I'll definitely be blogging about more soon!

Arpan Vohra dress

Look4: 11.11
Another amazing label from Delhi (how can I not love MYthology when it got me to discover all these amazing labels?) is 11.11 which plays on texture and avant-garde fits to create some ethereal dresses which feel as light as a feather. This was the dress which my hubby picked for me when I asked him to choose his favourite and I can see why. It is unique, interesting and slightly more edgy than the rest. I love how it felt so comfortable and effortless and how it came to life once I put it on.

11:11 dress

Look5: Nachiket
For those who complain that I only wear dresses, I tried on something different for my last look, a 2-piece Gorgette jumpsuit in my favourite shade of emerald green. After all there's no harm experimenting :-) The result was a great fit which is soooo comfy and glam at the same time . I love how this Mumbai-based Nachiket piece has a flattering effect on any shape and size due to the way it's designed as two pieces. This is one of many outfits at MYthology which have a hint of Indian wear in terms if colours and beading but is also very modern and wearable.

Nachiket at Mythology, Singapore

One more thing. As a shopper I’m quite confident and I know what I want but it’s not the case for everyone. Mythology offers private styling sessions where you can book a slot with Apsara and take your time learning about the designs, finding your style and hopefully walking out with a better sense of who you are.

Mythology Boutique is at 88 Club Street. You can find out more about the philosophy of the store and their designers on their website, or by visiting their Facebook page.