Monday 23 July 2012

Hayley Kiel eel skin bags: Korea's best export (after K-POP of course!)

Ever since I moved to Asia, I’ve seen so many python skin handbags that I’ve lost count.
I admit. They look beautiful and exotic especially compared to your average leather bag. And what’s better is that you can get them much cheaper around this region. I even picked up a few myself on a recent trip to Bali!

But apart from Python, there are other interesting types of leather which remain a little underrated and are sought out by the true fashionistas.

My favourites are sting ray and eel skin. Who’d have thought you could get beautiful things from water creatures? But because they are truly individual animals, the look and texture is very unique – and for someone with a water sign like me – more appealing :-)

Elegant, unique and classic: Nothing beats an eel skin arm candy!

The best thing about Hayley Kiel's designs is that they come
in amazing shades of bright colours...

I discovered eel skin a few years ago when I bought a yellow purse from Reiss in London. Not knowing what kind of material it was, I fell in love with the silky and soft texture and was a little surprised when I was told it came from a slippery underwater customer.

Fast forward a few years and I’m looking for that special clutch as a birthday gift for myself. I found the perfect one in shape of Korean label Hayley Kiel eel Flying clutch.

Apparently South Korea is the only country where this skin is made in any mass, being as it is made from native Alaskan eels and the local culture believes it brings good luck to those who wear it.

Love the weaved shoppers which can be practical for everyday!

A bag that fits your Laptop, Ipad and all... and still looks great!

My favourite of the large sizes, this SORI bag is to die for!!!

Hayley Kiel designs are simple, elegant and thus classic and won’t go out of style. I love the minimal approach which leave the texture of the bags to speak for itself. And while python skin is very fragile and hence hardly suitable for everyday, the big carriers of Hayley Kiel are very durable and could be worn even to the office – especially the darker shades of plum and brown.

My favourite – and the one I eventually got – is the Flying clutch with a detachable strap. Lined with Korean silk, this clutch is so sleek yet fun to wear. It also comes in beautiful shades of bright colours which are great to mix and match.

The clutch I was looking for! Can you guess which colour mine is?

The inside is as beautiful as the outside.

So if you want something different to the deluge of Python skin bags that are all over in Singapore, then take a detour off land and try out some of the sea creatures for that next luxury leisure purchase.

Hayley Kiel bags and purses are stocked online at Korean labels e-tailer (they've just started a sale today as well!) and at Singapore based

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