Friday 24 February 2012

Weekend want: Singapore label EMBLEM clutch from Asia Fashion Inc

With my current busy schedule, I’ve been finding very little time to physically trawl the streets looking for inspirations and items to fall in love with.

Luckily, there is online shopping! And no I’m not talking about Net-a-porter and ASOS, it is e-commerce sites which stock Singaporean and Asian labels that are keeping me up to date with the hottest brands in the region and in awe for the coolest clothes and accessories!

One of these sites is, which is true to its name and where stocks vary widely in styles and prices, that there is definitely something for everyone!

From experience, I know that the best thing to buy online is handbags. Reason being that sizing is never an issue.

This Singapore label EMBLEM clutch is just gorgeous!

However when it comes to picking the perfect handbag/clutch, I’m very particular about what I like. First, I hate logos! I love the design and quality to speak for itself rather than a brand name regardless how expensive it is.

Then comes the hardware. It either has to be more of a statement and very prominent or no hardware at all. I don’t do in between. No wonder then that the only designer ‘it’ bag I own is Marc Jacob’s Stam which has no mention of the designer on its exterior and is all about the vintage-inspired design and statement hardware and chain.

But unfortunately I cannot always seem to find a bag which fits the bill and checks all my boxes. That was until I saw the Singaporean label EMBLEM’s clutches on

I love how versatile all the colours of this Jacques clutch are!

I could not resist this beautifully crafted Jacques clutch which has the most amazing furniture I’ve seen on a handbag. It’s a lion’s head handle which you’d normally find attached to an imposing old iron gate.

The design is simple and understated and I also love the light green, slightly olive color which works very well with both black and very colourful attire.

The same clutch is also available in brown or silver and retails for S$180, a great deal if you ask me!

I would wear this arm candy on all my nights out, whether teamed with an LBD for a romantic dinner or on a fashionable soiree with one of my usual brightly coloured dresses and some metallic pair of heels!

EMBLEM is stocked at  and is shipped internationally for free.

I couldn't help but post this picture of yet another beautiful EMBLEM bag
also available on Asia Fashion Inc!