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Friday 21 September 2012

Zardoze: Dress to impress for those Singapore F1 parties

Finally the F1 weekend is in town!

And while hubby will be swooning over those ‘gorgeous cars' and revelling in high octane action and big boys toys, the whole weekend for me will be about the glitz which accompanies the most glamorous sport in the world.

There’s no denial that this is the ultimate party weekend in Singapore, and parties to me mean one thing – dressing up!

So whether you're swanning around at the Fashion TV party, sashaying at the Ferrari Red Party or heading to the super exclusive Amber Lounge, there is sure to be more than one outfit making an appearance. But what do you do if you look in your wardrobe and look in horror at the bare space staring back at you.

Who could help you out in such a 'nothing to wear' crisis at the start of the most glamorous weekend in Singapore?

Black and gold jumpsuit from Singapore label Zardoze
Ready for the F1 parties? With this Zardoze jumpsuit, I would :-)

Blue cocktail dress from Zardoze

Friday 30 December 2011

Three New Year’s party looks – from the back of my closet

Tomorrow is New Year’s Eve and I still haven’t decided what I’m doing. However, being the obsessive that I am, I have an outfit for any plan which might come my way: glamorous dinner, clubbing, or a house party with friends.

If you’re wondering whether I went mad and shopped for three outfits that I might not wear, don’t worry. I only shopped in my closet!

Yes you read it right. Looking at my bursting closet I noticed that I had lots of trendy (and some still unworn) clothes that I forget about sometimes. Of course I love to shop for new things but I made an effort this time instead of embracing the shopaholic in me, to open my wardrobe and put together 3 potential outfits for tomorrow night - without spending a penny.

Monday 12 December 2011

One Twenty2Seven dress, 6 different looks

Twenty2Seven is one of my favourite Singaporean labels. Despite their latest collection being mostly in black and white, the dresses are so versatile and fun that even a colour-crazy person like me could not resist the appeal!

But is it adaptable to my style? To find out, I asked Twenty2Seven designer Zee Tan, to loan me a dress from the collection for the weekend and see if I can wear it for several different occasions.

The dress I picked is the Edie Mod Frock. What I loved about this dress is the flattering cut, with soft draping detail on the waist and criss-cross neck that makes it more fun than a normal shift. 

The Edie Mod Frock from Twenty2Seven label ticked
all my boxes, read on to see how I styled it...

Tuesday 18 October 2011

The WEARHouse

I have always been a fan of fancy dress parties (and who isn't?), so it is not surprising that my first discovery in Singapore is a fancy dress shop!

Well but this isn't your average latex/nylon/wigs type of place! They sell/hire the REAL stuff here.

The shop assistants refused to talk to me about the shop saying that it is government-owned or something but on my way out I still managed to snap these two shots and grab a mini brochure which had all the information I needed to know. On a second thought, I was wondering why I didn't just go in as a regular (undercover) customer but it turned out you need to reserve for any trials/visits as well. Seriously this is serious stuff!!

According to its brochure, apparently the shop owns 'over 5000 pieces of of costumes, headgears, accessories and props', and their services include in-house costume portrait sessions which sounds fun if you've always dreamed of being in a Geisha outfit even for few minutes.

Here's the link to the shop's website if you're interested to know more or you're planning your next (serious) fancy dress party especially that Halloween is just around the corner. 

BTW if you found out about this place from my blog, I'm expecting an invite... OK just some snaps of you in one of those gorgeous costumes then :-)