Tuesday 18 October 2011

Saba7 El Kher Singapura! (Good morning Singapore!)

Bonjour Singapore!

Ok just to clarify, no I’m not French. But, I am Lebanese. So if you don’t already know, in our dialect we also use ‘Bonjour’ to greet each other in the morning (We are Frenchies at heart). And don’t ask why! But to be fair we have also added our own twist to it and owned it, so for example we say ‘Bonjourik’ or ‘Bonjourak’, which literally means ‘your Good Morning’ addresing a female in the first and a male subject in the second. Or if someone greets us with ‘Bonjour’ our answer would be ‘Bonjouren’ meaning ‘TWO Bonjours’. Talk about Lebanese generosity!

Anyways I promise you this is not going to be a blog about linguistics or anything of that sort. Bonjour Singapore is my first (and very belated) attempt to blog about things I’m passionate about like fashion and shopping, focusing mainly on Singapore and Asian-based labels, designers, boutiques and anything I discover along the way.

Having just settled in the city few weeks ago, still looking for a job, this seemed to be the perfect opportunity to start my blog for sharing tips, learning more and discovering things about my new home city Singapore.

Just as a disclaimer before we start, I am in no way trying to reinvent the wheel here so don’t expect Anna Wintour attitude from me :-) It will be more on the lighter side even cynical sometimes as I cannot help myself.

But don’t get me wrong, even though I don’t take fashion (or myself) too seriously, I can get obsessive sometimes over an irresistible pair of pumps or err… a certain Prada banana monkey print dress. Regarding the later, since seeing it on the runway last year, I literally kept googling ‘banana-monkey-Prada-dress’ almost on weekly basis until one sample came up on ebay from a trusted seller, so I snatched it right away and now I have the dress I went bananas for right here in my closet waiting for the right occasion to make its debut.

I simply enjoy fashion and all beautiful (and bold!) things regardless of the label or price tag. It is like art to me but I get to wear it as well. I also love bargain hunting and online shopping and I am quite good at it. The proof: I snatched my gorgeous vintage Valentino wedding dress for less than quarter its original price last year, and I own a closet full of designer clothes and shoes mostly bought for less than half their original price! And NO I never buy fakes!!!

I’m looking forward to this e-journey to discover the best of Singapore fashion and shopping and share my best tips and discoveries with you.  And I do hope you get to enjoy this as much as I will and share your opinions and tips with me and I get to share mine.

Singapore here I come!!!